Nottingham Shakespeare Society

Programme 2023 - 2024


September 12th 7.00 pm

Talk: Shakespeare in Performance.

David Dunford MA

September 26th 10.30 am

Reading: Henry VI part ii

October 10th 7.00 pm

The President's Talk: Shakespeare and the cost of living crisis.

William Ruff

October 24th 10.30 am

Reading: The Merchant of Venice

November 14th 7.00 pm

Talk: Wealth, worth, profit and debt in The Merchant of Venice.

Heather Coombes

November 28th 10.30 pm

Reading: Titus Andronicus

December 12th 7.00 pm

Talk: Titus Andronicus

Dr Ben Burton

December 19th (10.30 am ? to be decided)

Members' meeting.

Organiser/host: Julia Pirie


January 9th 7.00 pm

Talk: As You Like It

Les Wilkinson

January 23rd 10.30 pm

Reading: As You Like It

February 13th 7.00 pm

Talk and Reading: Arden of Faversham

Paul Kirkham

February 27th 10.30 am

Talk: Henry VIII

Lisa Hopkins

March 12th 7.00 pm

Reading: Henry VIII

March 26th 10.30 am

Reading: Henry VI part iii

April 9th 7.00 pm__

Talk: Macbeth

Julia Pirie

April 23rd 10.30 am

Reading: Macbeth

May 2nd 7.00 pm

Poetry and Music

May 28th 10.30 am

AGM plus members' choice of readings

**All meetings except the Christmas members' meeting are held at:

Nottingham Mechanics Institute, 8 North Sherwood Street, Nottingham NG1 4EZ**